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Approved Abortion Pills

Abortion Pills work by reducing the female hormone called progesterone.
Progesterone is the hormone that supports a pregnancy.
When blocked, the womb contracts and causes the lining of the uterus to shed. The cervix softens and bleeding will start causing a miscarriage.

Advantages of  Termination Pills  
The Abortion pills are affordable and negotiable
The Pills are effective during the early stage of the pregnancy.
For many women the process is less painful because it looks like a miscarriage.
You  can have the procedure done in your own privacy at home.
The abortion success rate is high ( 95% – 99%)
Abortion pills side effects
• cramping
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• fatigue
• And diarrhea
• Womb Cleaning
Womb cleaning is necessary after abortion in order to prevent infections. The clinic will offer you antibiotics and pain tablets.
you will  be required to come back for a follow-up after for two weeks to make sure the process is complete.

Medical abortion is a modern way of terminating a pregnancy using Pills. It is done with the help of Abortion Pills from 4 weeks up to 20 weeks in special cases from the first day of the last period.

When at our Abortion Clinics you will find friendly nurses who will help you make the proper decisions, also get to know how many weeks you are since the last time you saw your periods then also take you through how the procedure works.

After consultation you will be given a pill by the doctor that will be taken orally while at the clinic. This first pill is meant to weaken the attachment of the pregnancy to the womb.

After a few minutes a series of pills will then be given to you. The second pills are meant to cause the contraction of the womb hence emptying it causing an abortion to take place.

Usually the level of discomfort may be different from person to person because each of us react differently to medications because the procedure is less intrusive so less painful.


Drink lots of fluids, Stay off work for a few days if you can, Take vitamins, eat healthy food, and try to sleep, No exercise for two weeks , No swimming or tub baths for 2 weeks

Don't lift anything over 15 pounds for two weeks, don't use anything vaginally for 2-4 weeks - no sex, no tampons, no douches.

You can ovulate as soon as two weeks after an abortion, which means yes, you could get pregnant again within two weeks after an abortion!

You should NOT have sex again unless you feel physically recovered and remember you can fall pregnant again after two weeks of an abortion.

So once you decide you are ready to resume sexual intercourse again, make sure you are using birth control right away. As many of us know, birth control is NOT 100% effective.

So it's very important that you don't have sex again until you are healed physically and emotionally, and you have a clear consensus on what will happen if you become unexpectedly pregnant again.

If you were 9 or more weeks along in the pregnancy, it is possible that you may have trouble with milk, or a milky fluid leaking from your breasts after the abortion.

The further along you were, the higher the chance of having your 'milk come in'. This can be upsetting, but it won't last for long. It's a normal effect of the hormones that your body releases when you are no longer pregnant. These hormones make your body start to produce milk.
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• We do deliveries for those who cannot travel throughout the SADC countries and anywhere in Africa

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an Abortion Pill work?
Both abortion pills, mifepristone and misoprostol, are usually used in order to terminate a pregnancy. Mifepristone causes the embryo to detach from the uterus thereby cutting off essential nutrients and oxygen carried by the blood. Misoprostol is then taken two days later and triggers the evacuation of the embryo remnants through the vagina. This often appears as
a heavy period.
It is advisable that you consult with your medical practitioner for a further understanding of how the abortion pill works.

Is the Abortion Pill safe?

The abortion pill is usually safer than a medical abortion or surgical abortion but should only be considered in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Like any procedure, use of the abortion pill can result in complications but if used under the supervision of a medical doctor, the chances of complications are greatly reduced. Your doctor will be best suited to handle any complications should they arise.

Dangers and Side Effects of the Abortion Pills

Common side effects include abdominal pain, cramping, bleeding and spotting for up to 2 weeks after using the abortion pill. Other side effects that may occur include drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue and fevers. Side effects may not occur in every case and if you are experiencing any symptoms that are persisting, you should consult with your medical doctor immediately.
The abortion pill may cause a disturbance in your normal menstrual cycle in some users but usually there are no significant dangers associated with using the abortion pill. However using the abortion pill without the supervision of a medical practitioner or after 8 weeks of pregnancy can be dangerous. Uncontrollable bleeding, severe cramping and infections can arise without correct supervision and for this reason, you should never buy or use the abortion pill from illegal sources.
Always consult with your doctor or a qualified staff at a family planning clinic before you commence with any abortion method.

How much does an Abortion cost?
The fee charged for your abortion includes personal counseling, as well as the Medical procedure or the Abortion Pills. However, your specific cost will be determined according to the length of your pregnancy. Please be aware that this fee is based on the information you give over the phone and that there could be information derived from the pre-operative medical review that could affect the actual fee charged. For example, if you did not advise us that the length of your pregnancy was greater than first trimester or if we determine through lab tests that there are undisclosed or unknown medical issues, the fee could be subject to change.

How much do students Pay?

Students are given a 10% discounts or R100 off on all prices please sure to state when booking your appointment that your’e a student so you may get a discount

Can my partner / friend be with me during my Abortion?
In most cases, we only allow patients and medical staff into the operating room for safety and confidentiality reasons. However, you will have a nurse, counselor, and/or medical assistant with you during the procedure. Your loved ones will be kept informed of your progress throughout your visit, and extra care will be taken to visit with partners, family, or friends who are nervous or anxious about you.

l had an Abortion last week WHY does the pregnancy test show am still Pregnant?
It is very unlikely that you are still pregnant; pregnancy hormone levels can be detected by pregnancy test for up to 3-4 weeks after a surgical or medical abortion. We recommend not doing a home pregnancy test after your abortion, and suggest you wait for your follow up visit so that the physician and medical staff can confirm that you are no longer pregnant.

Will i be able to fall pregnant again after an Abortion?
There is no evidence of fertility or childbearing problems after an abortion. Having an abortion does not interfere with your ability to have children in the future.

Why do most women prefer a Medical Abortion?
A medical abortion may feel “more natural” to her
The woman wants to have more control over the abortion
The woman prefers not to have surgery
The woman can “have the abortion” (the expelling of the uterine contents) in the privacy of her own home
The woman may be more familiar with a medical abortion.
How long does it take to have an Abortion?

well at our Abortion clinics since we specilazise in Medical Abortions it will take you less than an hour from the time you arrive till we finish up with the Abortion.
Is there any Risks during the Abortion?
Abortion procedures, especially in the early weeks of pregnancy are very safe but no clinical procedure is entirely without its risk. There is no long term proven association between abortion and any ectopic pregnancy or infertility.

What about infections After Abortions?
One of the highest risks after an abortion is infection. All our clients are given a course of antibiotics to minimise this risk. We also advise women to avoid having sex for two weeks after treatment and to use sanitary towels instead of tampons. It is normal for some women to experience some bleeding for several days after the abortion.
What are the side effects of An Abortion?
  • Minor Vomiting
  • Milled fever
  • diarrhoea
How long do i have to wait After an Abortion before going back to work?
Women who have surgical abortions often return to work within a day or two after their abortion. Women who have medical abortions often require two full days off of work. Though we recommend taking it easy for the first week or so after your abortion procedure (no heavy lifting or intense physical labor/workouts), most women feel physically capable of daily activities very soon after their abortion. Doctor’s notes for missed work are available (Doctor’s notes never disclose details about your visit).

How soon after an Abortion will i be able to have sex?

Because your risk of infection increases until the cervix is fully healed, we recommend that nothing go inside of in the vagina for at least 2-3 weeks, or until your follow-up visit. This includes, but is not limited to: no sexual intercourse, sex toys or penetration of any kind, no tampons (use only sanitary pads or liners). We also recommend avoiding swimming, hot tubs or bathtubs.

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